In January 2005, Get the Dirt Out began as an investigation by the Upper Chattahoochee Riverkeeper of Georgia's erosion and sediment controls for construction sites and the resulting improvement to water quality.

Since that time, Upper Chattahoochee Riverkeeper (UCR), along with its GTDO partners, have provided training workshops and educational materials on the Georgia General Construction Stormwater Permits developed specifically for citizens, developers, and local governments. This project was designed to improve the implementation and effectiveness of the permit in the field.

During the first two years UCR and its partners performed site investigations in targeted areas, documenting BMP effectiveness, as well as local government and Georgia Environmental Protection Division (EPD) enforcement. Although the initial purpose of the GTDO project has been completed and a report submitted to EPA, UCR and partner groups continue to use GTDO materials and procedures to reduce construction related erosion and sedimentation problems in their watersheds.

In fact, a revised General Permit was issued in 2008. UCR and its partner groups have revised the materials to reflect these revisions and we continue to present the GTDO program to citizens, developers and local governments.

If you live in Georgia and you are concerned about the damage that sediment does in your watershed, you are invited to contact UCR or one of its partners (Altamaha Riverkeeper, Coosa River Basin Initiative, Flint Riverkeeper, Georgia River Network, Georgia Wildlife Federation, Ogeechee Canoochee Riverkeeper, Satilla Riverkeeper, Savannah Riverkeeper or Sierra Club) about training for Get the Dirt Out.

2005 - 2006 GTDO Final Report Executive Summary


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